Transport your bikE

to your next event with a Personal Touch

We take great care of your precious bike. No disassembly or messing with your set-up!

Convenient Drop-off

Drop off your bike with one of our partnering bike shops and we will get your bike from there.

No Disassembly

We take your bike as is. No messing around with your setup. Just collect your bike and ride.

Free Extras Box

We provide a free box for all your extra goodies (Helmet, Shoes, Water bottles)

Free Wash & Lube

We provide a free was and lube after the event so you receive your bike back nice and clean.

Who we are...

We are a family-based company with people that love cycling.  We aim to please our clients.  Our trailer enables us to transport your bike as is. 

We are based in Johannesburg and have collection points throughout Gauteng and the Freestate. We’ll transport your bicycle to and from all major race events. Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming races to make use of our service.

Our Partners for Drop-off and services

On the Road... At the event

There to support you before and after the race

Look forward to your race knowing your ride will be there when you get there